Operating in the industrial automation market, packaging and moving products in the most diverse industry segments, Raumak Packaging is the pilar of the Raumak Group for over 40 years, operating in Brazil and worldwide.

    With high-performance packaging and baling solutions, flexibility and optimum service, it has already installed more than 5400 machines in 46 countries, delivering innovative, uniquely designed products tailored to the needs of its customers. Its product lines are developed with high engineering, programming and production technology, properly aligned with the most modern management methods for Industry 4.0.

    With a brand already consolidated in large groups, Raumak Packaging has a factory in Brazil and a unit in the United States, as well as a sales team, representatives in several countries and own offices in Colombia and Mexico.

    Challenged to always find the best results, it has a team of highly qualified engineers and technicians to develop your project from the beginning to the end, delivering innovation, productivity and profitability.

Our story


March, 2nd

Foundation of Metalúrgica Kreis

Realizing potential in the industrial automation market, Raulino and Maura Kreis founded their own metallurgy, based in Jaraguá do Sul/SC in order to serve local companies in the packaging segment.


First semi-automatic machine

In the following year, the first semi-automatic machine was produced and delivered.


Acquisition of the first truck

With the success of its machines, and the mission of serving its customers with greater agility, the company invested in logistics by starting its own fleet.


First automatic machine and expansion of the headquarters in Jaraguá do Sul

The metallurgical company develops its first automatic machine and gains more space in the market. Soon the factory becomes small and a new expansion is carried out.


Metalúrgica Kreis is now Raumak Máquinas

With a bold and assertive commercial vision, the founders decide to change the name of the company to Raumak máquinas, a perfect combination between their initials and the main business of the company.


Participation in the first fair

The potential for expansion became evident in its first participation in Fispal - the largest fair in the segment in Latin America - when the company finally presented itself to the brazilian market.


Production of the first baler

With a vision always ahead, it expands its operations and produces the first baling machine, opening the doors of your business to new opportunities.


New management

Raulino Kreis leaves the company and his son Raulino Kreis Jr. Takes over the management of the business, starting a new phase of innovation and growth.


Exports begin

Investing in certifications, customer service and customized solutions, Raumak makes its first export of one equipment to Chile.


March, 2nd

Success for 20 years

A history of vision and daring marked Raumak's trajectory. 20 years seeking excellence in the manufacture of equipment for packaging and baling of a variety of products.


First fair in Mexico

To expand the relationship with its customers abroad, Raumak attend at its first fair abroad, Expo Pack, in Mexico.


Second expansion of the industrial park

With increasing demands, a new expansion of the industrial park is necessary to meet the production of packing machine and baling machine.


First United States fair

With attention more focused on exports, the company officially presents itself in the United States at the Pack Expo fair, in Chicago.


Launch of the first boxer

To meet the needs of the food industries, Raumak Máquinas expands its product line with the Boxer Line, a complete equipment for case pack type lines.


Launching of the first palletizer

Developed exclusively for the Latin American market, pallet line was created to increase the portfolio for handling products.


March, 2nd

30 years of history

Technology, innovation and vision of the future. With an increasingly visionary and innovative management, the company celebrates its 30 years with the certainty that its values are the basis for success.


Launching of the robotic line

Seeking excellence in the supply of solutions for palletizing, it is approved as integrador fanuc and launches its line of robotics.


Opening of the branch in the United States

To strengthen the relationship with the north american market, it expands its activities and opens its first branch abroad: Raumak North America, located in Atlanta, in the state of Georgia.


(Português do Brasil) 27 de agosto

Raumak Group

With new business strategies, it is repositioning itself in the market as Raumak Packaging - focused on providing solutions for packaging and product handling - and inaugurates Raumak Metal, a metal distributor for companies in the sc region, thus forming the Raumak Group.


March, 2nd

35 years of the Raumak Group

Success is the result of individual efforts and teamwork. It is time to thank for the challenges that provide development.


Launching of the Advanced Line

The equipment gets a more modern, safe and exclusive design, perfectly according to the management needs for Industry 4.0.


Exclusive service in Colombia

To establish its business in Colombia and improve proximity to customers, it opens its first international commercial office.


International Offices

Further expanding its service network, Raumak maintains commercial offices in Colombia, Mexico and Costa Rica, further improving response time and customer relationships.


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