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  • Health & Home Care

    Innovation and high technology to properly package baby care, personal hygiene and cleaning products. Enhanced according to production needs, the equipment can operate at high speeds, with precision and versatility, in compliance with health and safety standards.

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  • Agriculture

    Machines designed to make the feed and seed packaging process more dynamic and precise, without the need for manual intervention, with guarantee of sealing, product integrity and standardization of packages, bales or boxes.

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  • Cosmetics

    State-of-the-art technology to increase production capacity and pack tubes, ampoules and flasks of different types and sizes. With high speed and precision, guaranteeing the integrity of facial or body line products.

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  • Pet Care

    Customized solutions suitable for the operational flow, to reduce costs of the production process and meet the packaging needs of bran, granulated and pellets of different types and sizes.

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  • Chemical

    Equipment suitable for the perfect packaging of products individually or by group, which allows complete automation of the end of the line, increasing performance, regularization and control of processes and decreasing production cycle times.

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  • Pharmaceutical

    Equipment produced to meet international standards and regulations, ensuring quality and making laboratory production smarter, more efficient and safer.

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  • Food

    High-precision equipment can be customized to accommodate different types of grains, flour and food in general and adapted according to the fragility and particularities of each product.

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