Carton Line

Cartoner Machine


Automatic horizontal Cartoner Machine, which
enables the insertion of the products into carton boxes, serving the most diverse market segments. The closure may be done with hot melt glue or attached tab.


• Storer of flattened boxes;
• Assembler: Assembles the carton box;
• Data Coder: Can be low reli ef or ink-jet;
• Bender of lower flaps;
• Internal flaps closing device;
• Filler : Automatically inserts the product into
the carton box horizontally (manually,
depending of the product);
• Superior flaps closing device;
• External flaps closing device (with hot melt
or attached flap).

Carton Line

Cartoner Machine

Technical Data

• Package Material:
Duplex or Triplex cardboard
• Compressed Air consumption:
100 I/min
• Elect rical consumption:
16kW [with glue device) 3 kW
[without glue device)
• Maximum production:
Up to 70 carton boxes per minute
(depending of the product)
• Voltage:
220/380V – 50/60Hz
• Package type:
Carton box
• Closure type:
With hot melt glue (4 flaps) or
attaching flaps (3 flaps)

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