Infinity Carton

Cartoner Machine


Automatic vertical or horizontal Cartoner Machine, which
enables the insertion of the products into carton boxes,
serving the most diverse market segments. The closure
may be done with hot melt glue or attached tab.


• Equipment developed to cartoning many
types of products, horizontally insert.
Continuos motion drive;
• Three basic concepts were used in preparing
this project:
• Versatility: Meet the requirements of
pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food and
chemicals industries.
• Accuracy: Inserts the product in the
cartridge with great performance and high
speed, automatically.
• Security: Applied the latest technology in
safety and versatility.

Infinity Carton

Cartoner Machine

Technical Data

• Power:
15 KVA
• Electric voltage:
220V / 380V
• Maximum production:
Up to 200 carton boxes per minute
(depending of the product)
• Pneumatic consumption:
100 L/min
• Maximum dimensions of the cartridge:
100 x 50 x 200
• Minimum dimensions of the cartridge:
50 X 30 X 80
• Aproximated equipment dimensions:
L= 2000 / C= 3300 / H= 2000
• Package type:
Carton box

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