Multi Baler 300

Baling Machine


Automatic Baling Machine, capable of receiving products from up to two packaging machines simultaneously.
Due the constructive structure of the forming tube, provides a zectangular bale that assists in the logistic and Palletization. Raumak is world leader in automatic baling machines.


• Open-close device with dry bush system;
• Structure in carbon steel SAE 1020 with special
and anti-corrosive treatment and painted with
electrostatic epoxy in powder paint;
• Dry pneumatic system (lubrication not required);
• Fixed support for vertical seal, driven by
pneumatic central cylinder;
• PLC – Programmable logic controller;
• Frequency inverter, making it possible to control
the velocity of the equipment;
• Forming tubes;
• Frontal protection in acrylic;
• “VibraStop Feet” for leveling and vibration
absorption – better performance and cleaning;
• Pressing or feeding conveyor;
• Out feed conveyour for finished bales;
• Fast conveyour;
• Block bottom;
• Top mechanism;
• Auxiliar continuous seal.

Multi Baler 300

Baling Machine

Technical Data

• Packaging type:
low density linear polyethylene
• Maximum width of the roll:
• Maximum diameter of the roll:
• Air compressor:
40ft3/min, continuous regime, high pressure
• Electrical specifications:
three-phase 220/380V – 50/60Hz
(other specifications under consultation)
• Electrical consumption:
3,7kW/h (depending the injeed speed)
• Pneumatic consumption:
800 I/min – pressure 7 bar

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