Speed Bag Gold

Packaging Machine


Vertical Packaging Machine, with several configurations of
dosers to the most diverse products. The speed depends
of the characteristics and weights of the products. May
serve up to 80 packages per minute.


• Production up to 80 bpm;
• Pneumatic and electrical panel with IP55 degree of protection;
• opne-close system with dry self-lubricated buschings moved by pneumatic cylinder;
• Structure in carbon steel SAE 1020 with special and anti-corrosive treatment and painted with electrostatic epoxy in powder paint;
• Fixed frame;
• Fixed support for the vertical Seal driven by pneumatic central cylinder with pressure regulator;
• PLC – Programmable Logic controllet;
• Frequency inverter, enabling speed control of the equipment;
• Acrylic frontal protection;
• “VibraStop feet” for leveling and vibration absorption – better performance and cleaning;
• Package traction system with drag belts;
• Impulse or Constant sealing system (according to preference);
• Photocell;
• Package collector conveyor;
• Quick exchange centering.

Speed Bag Gold

Packaging Machine

Technical Data

• Width of the ready package:
50 mm to 300 mm.
• Length of the ready package:
80 mm to 450 mm.
• Maximum width of the roll:
580 mm (with quick exchange centering).
• Multi Bag max. width of the roll:
700 mm
• Maximum diameter of the roll:
350 mm or 60 kg
• Pneumatic feeding:
Air consumption 1.100 l/min – pressure 7 bar
• Air compressor (piston):
40 ft³/min, high pressure, continuous regime
• Electrical specifications:
Three phase 220/380 V – 50/60Hz (Other specifications under consultation).
• Electrical consumption:
3,7 Kw/h (basic version).

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